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LotPhotoBADEN PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Price € 
11838, carter's letter from "BRETTEN" to beck, superb 31,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBADENcat. no.Price €Buy It
21851, 1 Kr. Black on chamois with blue number postmark "162" (Zell on H. ), large margins all around! Small thin from hinge place otherwise superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Flemming, Michel 1000.-1a 438,00Buy It Now
31851, 1 Kr. Black on brown, number postmark "43", full to wide margins, superb, Michel (320.-)1b 163,00Buy It Now
41851, 1 Kr. Black on brown, right margin copy, with number postmark "11" (BIBERACH), above closely very close margin, superb, photo expertize Flemming, Michel (320.-)1b 113,00Buy It Now
51852, 3 Kr. Black on yellow with centered red number postmark "115" (RASTATT), superb in every respect piece of letter, expertized Grobe2b 44,00Buy It Now
61851, 9 Kr. Black on antique pink, number postmark "38", large margins all around, superb, expertized Brettl4a 175,00Buy It Now
81851, 9 Kr. Black on lilac-rose, with wide margins, superb piece of letter4b 25,00Buy It Now
91853, 1 Kr. Black in the horizontal, on all sides with enormous margins strip of three, number postmark "38" (close), right stamp small pre-separation cut in the margin line otherwise superb in every respect (choice copy)88,00Buy It Now
101853, 3 Kr. Black on green, 3 with enormous margins superb and superb in every respect items19,00Buy It Now
111853, 3 Kr. Black on green, having enormous margins extremely fine copy (with parts of 4 neighbors) with number postmark "19" and red additional cancellation "BRUCHSAL" on cover to Mannheim125,00Buy It Now
131853, 6 Kr. Black on yellow, large margins all around, superb in every respect (choice copy)22,00Buy It Now
141860, 6 Kr. Black on yellow (partly cut into) with almost having full margins 3 Kr. Black on bright gray ultramarine with number postmark "159", on letter from "WIESLOCH" to Lindenberg, superb, Michel 750.-7,8 238,00Buy It Now
151860, 6 Kr. Black on yellow, horizontal creases, on letter from "WEINHEIM" to Fulda, very fine25,00Buy It Now
161860 / 1.6 Kr. Salmon-red and yellow, normal perforation, 2 superb items, Michel 220.-11a,b 69,00Buy It Now
171861, 9 Kr. Carmine, normal perforation, superb, expertized Flemming, Michel 220.-12 75,00Buy It Now
181862, 1 Kr. Black, superb, Michel 130.-13a 50,00Buy It Now
191862, 1 Kr. Black, hardly visible trace of crease otherwise superb, Michel 120.-13a 25,00Buy It Now
201863, 6 Kr. Prussian-blue, small superb cover from "87" (MANNHEIM) to Saarbr├╝cken14b 113,00Buy It Now
211862, 9 Kr. Lightreddish-brown, superb, Michel 100.-15a 38,00Buy It Now
221862, 3 Kr. Pale red with blue two-line cancel "to book", stamp defects, R!18 15,00Buy It Now
231866, 9 Kr. Bright red brown, centered single circle postmark "PFORZHEIM", superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Drahn20a 25,00Buy It Now
241867, 9 Kr. Reddish brown on cover from "CARLSRUHE" to France, superb, expertized Brettl20a 88,00Buy It Now
251864, 9 Kr. Yellow brown, centered number postmark "153", superb piece of letter, expertized Seeger, Michel (120.-)20b 50,00Buy It Now
261862, 18 Kr. Green, two ring cancel "HEIDELBERG", on piece, very fine (at the bottom small little tear), abridged certificate Brettl, Michel 700.-21a 200,00Buy It Now
271871, 7 Kr. Pale blue, very fine, Michel 130.-25b 38,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBADEN POSTAGE DUE STAMPScat. no.Price €Buy It
281862, 1 and 3 Kr. Black on yellow, 3 Kr. With plate flaw "first O in postage open", single circle postmark "HUEPINGEN", normal perforation, superb piece of letter, expertized Seeger, Michel (800.-)LP 1,2xI 275,00Buy It Now
291863, 1 Kr. Black on yellow in the block of three, upper right stamp slight trace of crease, the lower stamp perforation fault, two ring cancel "MANNHEIM, very fineLP 1x 363,00Buy It Now
301863, 3 Kr. Black on yellow, centered two ring cancel "WEINHEIM", very fine (slight perforation defects), expertized Stegm├╝ller, Michel 150.-LP 2x 44,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBADEN COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Price €Buy It
3130 almost only cancelled values, condition varies with many superb items, inspect! 238,00Buy It Now

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