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LotPhotoPHIL. LITERATUREcat. no.Price €Buy It
11013"Old German States - special catalogue and handbook", 5. Edition, 1975, Hans Grobe, 717 sides, bound, backbone slightly faded100,00Buy It Now
11014"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Baden - L√ľbeck, volume I, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, 374 sides, loose38,00Buy It Now
11015"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Mecklenburg - Prussia, volume II, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, approximate 290 sides, bound50,00Buy It Now
11016"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Saxony - Wuerttemberg, ribbon III, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, approximate 340 sides, loose38,00Buy It Now
11017"the postage stamps from Baden", 1894, C. Lindenberg, 171 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage, 2 sides disengaged94,00Buy It Now
11018"Kr√∂tzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections V-IX, Brunswick - L√ľbeck, with pages with images I-V and VII, 1894, 94 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage125,00Buy It Now
11019"the postal history from Brunswick and Hanover" within your postal history, 1981, Hans A. Properly, 223 sides, numerous illustrations, bound63,00Buy It Now
11020Handbook "the postal service institutes the Prussian country Hanover and her posting stamp from 1867 to against 1900", including with the administrative division and order of the postal sector in the countryside Hanover to 1866 (to 1900) and the systematization the occurring types from posting stamp, 1991, Heinrich Steggmutt, 334 sides, various illustrations and detailed use of data of all stamp63,00Buy It Now
11021Catalogue "Hanoverian postage stamps exhibition 1981", quality III, postage stamps club Hanover from 1886 e. V., 114 sides13,00Buy It Now
11022"Krötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections X, both Mecklenburg, with pages with images Schwerin I-XV and Strelitz III, 1895, 52 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage125,00Buy It Now
11023"Krötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections XII, Oldenburg, with pages with images I-VI, 1894, 119 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage125,00Buy It Now
11024"300 years Prussia" - country and postal history, published by of the German post 200113,00Buy It Now
11025"the "Franco envelopes" the royally saxon post", a documentation over Saxon postal stationery and special cancel, 1966, Köth / Springer, 47 sides, numerous, mostly colored illustrations, with valuations, cover slightly pushed25,00Buy It Now
11026"the Erb male throne fee contract between the kingdom Wuerttemberg and the princely Houses from Thurn and Taxis" from 27. July 1819 to Stuttgart, 1996, study group Thurn and Taxis, 28 sides13,00Buy It Now
11027"John R. Boker, Jr. - Old German States", Heinrich Köhler 1. Auction at the 16. March 1985 in Wiesbaden13,00Buy It Now
11028"the Freiberg express-package-traffic" - facts and fiction, Friebe / Kämmel, 20 sides13,00Buy It Now
11029"the North German package transport society" - Vallette, Reinecke, Randel & Co. To Berlin, Commandit society on shares), booklet 36, 2007, private post series, 87 sides13,00Buy It Now
11030"new handbook of the philately", German Reich, 1952, alignment B, certificate engineer Hellmuth Kricheldorf, 376 sides, bound38,00Buy It Now
11031"the propaganda insets in the half cancel machines near the post office Hamburg 1 1922 to 1945", handbook and cancel catalogue, ribbon 166, 2004, new series the Postmark guild, 77 sides13,00Buy It Now
11032"Bickerdike letter cancellation machines", history - handbook - catalogue, booklet 41, 1997, Infla Berlin, 178 sides13,00Buy It Now
11033"the unperforated stamps 1872-1900", booklet 45, 1999, Infla Berlin, 69 sides13,00Buy It Now
11034"the parcel service in the German Reich 1933-1945", booklet 47, 2001, Infla Berlin, 98 sides13,00Buy It Now
11035The club history from INFLA-Berlin e. V. ", booklet 49, 2001, 123 sides13,00Buy It Now
11036"the charges label for the official letters the railroad Companies DI and DII", booklet 55, 2005, Infla Berlin, 120 sides13,00Buy It Now
11037"German special stamps and her stamp" - special catalogue, 1961, Franz Drabick, 64 sides, with valuations13,00Buy It Now
11038"Zeppelin mail catalogue", 16. Edition, 1956, Sieger publishing house, 230 sides, bound13,00Buy It Now
11039"the development the artillery observation from the air and the central airship port J√ľterbog 1890-1921, 2005, Juergen Schneevogt, 79 sides13,00Buy It Now
11040"Catalogue de la Poste Aerienne" et de tout ce qui s\'y repeats, 8. Edition, 1954, Jean Silombra, 668 sides, in French13,00Buy It Now
11041"from Turboprops and Jets", 1964, Hans Egon vesper, 87 sides, with many illustrations13,00Buy It Now
11042"the rocket post" - her development and first attempt, precursor stamps, stamp and flights, 1. Part: Germany, G√ľnther Heyd, 16 sides13,00Buy It Now

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