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LotPhotoFIRST AND FIRST FIGHTcat. no.Price € 
256621.4.1927, "Vienna Brno", superb cover27.17.07 31,00Buy It Now
256721.4.1927, "Vienna Wroclaw", superb postcard27.17.09 13,00Buy It Now
256822.8.1927, "Constance Vienna", superb postcard27.45.03 50,00Buy It Now
256923.4.1928, "Berlin-Cologne", superb cover, R!28.11.01 100,00Buy It Now
257022.5.1928, "Constance Vienna", superb postcard28.32.08 25,00Buy It Now
25711.6.1928, "Venice Berlin", superb cover28.35.04 38,00Buy It Now
257226.9.1928, "Frankfurt / M. Paris", one stamp lost otherwise superb cover28.52.01 13,00Buy It Now
25731.5.1929, "Hamburg-Antwerpen", superb cover29.5.02 31,00Buy It Now
25741.5.1929, "Hamburg-Antwerpen", cover very fine29.5.02 13,00Buy It Now
25753.6.1929, "Munich Klagenfurth", superb postcard29.18.02 38,00Buy It Now
25763.6.1929, "Klagenfurt Munich", superb cover29.18.03 25,00Buy It Now
25771.5.1930, "Baden Baden-Wiesbaden", superb postcard30.7.03 25,00Buy It Now
25781.6.1931, "Munich-Venice", superb cover31.26.01 13,00Buy It Now
25795.4.1937, "Frankfurt / M. Brüssel", special envelope, superb37.5.01 25,00Buy It Now
25804.10.1937, "Brussels-Munich", superb postcard37.8.06 50,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoLATER FLIGHTS (SPF)cat. no.Price €Buy It
25813.7.1919, "Weimar-Leipzig", small special delivery cover, superb19.2.03 31,00Buy It Now
25825.3.1922, "Dresden-Berlin", superb postcard21.3.02 44,00Buy It Now
258320.8.1922, "Munich Leipzig" with confirmation stamp "LEIPZIG AUSSTELLUNSPLATZ", registered postcard, superb21.4.16 25,00Buy It Now
258422.8.1923, "Munich Constance", superb cover with good airmail franking (front- and reverse), superb21.7.01 100,00Buy It Now
258530.6.1923, "Berlin-Munich", special delivery letter, very fine23.9.03 13,00Buy It Now
258616.6.1923, "Munich Nuremberg", superb postcard23.9.07 13,00Buy It Now
258727.7.1923, "Nuremberg Berlin", franked by Michel no. 263-66, cover very fine (additional franking partly having mould stains)23.9.11 38,00Buy It Now
258816.9.1926, "Paris-Berlin", commercial letter, superb26.56.03 13,00Buy It Now
258930.3.1939, "South Atlantic rear", registered cover with German Reich / Luxembourg franking, from Luxembourg to Santa Cruz / Tenerife, superb 113,00Buy It Now
2590"Brunswick auxiliary postal agency airport", 1926, black frame cancel with two lines, date and time handwritten on cover to Osnabrueck, superb7-01f 13,00Buy It Now
2591"Brunswick auxiliary postal agency airport", 1926, green frame cancel with two lines, date rubber cancel on postal stationery postcard to Cologne, superb7-01i 13,00Buy It Now
2592"airport Hanover", rectangle cancel with two lines on cover to Essen, superb34-01a 13,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoFLIGHT CONTROL CANCELcat. no.Price €Buy It
2593"Hanover", oval stamp, card very fine28/02 13,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoAIRMAIL POSTING STAMPcat. no.Price €Buy It
259425.5.29, "Bremen airmail colonial stamps exhibition" on cover from Bremen, superb7-02 13,00Buy It Now
259530.3.1921, "Gelsenkirchen airmail" (dove with cover) in black on registered cover to Berlin, superb, R!16-03a 150,00Buy It Now

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