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LotPhotoBAVARIAcat. no.Price € 
611867, 9 Kr. Bright ochre-brown, open MR stamp "356" (Nuremberg BHF) on cover to Schmölln, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Pfenniger17 175,00Buy It Now
621867, 12 Kr. Pale brown violet, superb, Michel 120.-18 50,00Buy It Now
631867, 18 Kr. Dark vermilion, segment cancel, superb, Michel (220.-)19 94,00Buy It Now
641867, 18 Kr. Dark vermilion, segment cancel "ALTDROSSENFELD", very fine (small trace of crease), Michel 220.-19 63,00Buy It Now
651868, 7 Kr. Dark ultramarine on doubly used cover with MR stamp "54" (sheet), superb, expertized Brettl21b 88,00Buy It Now
661874, 1 Kr. Light green, watermark "close lozenges", in the vertical strip of three on cover with single circle postmark "LANDAU I. D. P. " to Gleisweiler, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Schmitt22Xa 188,00Buy It Now
671870, 12 Kr. Dark brow purple, watermark "close lozenges", repaired like superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel (1400.-)26X 188,00Buy It Now
681870, 18 Kr. Dark brick red, watermark "close lozenges", superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Brettl, Michel (240.-)27Xb 125,00Buy It Now
691870, 18 Kr. Dark brick red, watermark "close lozenges", as usual decentered, superb, expertized Buehler, Michel 240.-27Xb 88,00Buy It Now
701870, 18 Kr. Dark brick red, watermark "close lozenges", very fine, expertized Stegmüller, Michel 240.-27Xb 75,00Buy It Now
711870, 9 Kr. Brown, watermark "close lozenges", superb, expertized Buehler, Michel 600.-28X 250,00Buy It Now
721875, 10 Kr. Dark yellow, watermark "close lozenges", centric cancelled extremely fine copy with bluish postmarks "IMMENSTADT" on Chargé part of a letter to Italy, expertized Brettl with photo expertize29Xb 238,00Buy It Now
731873, 10 Kr. Dark yellow, watermark "wide lozenge", superb, expertized Stegmüller, Michel 80.-29Yb 31,00Buy It Now
751875, 1 M. Violet, slight trace of crease otherwise superb, Michel 80.-31a 25,00Buy It Now
761875, 3 Kr. Red carmine, watermark 2, small superb cover with single circle postmark "VILSHOFEN"33 25,00Buy It Now
771875, 10 Kr. Dark chrome yellow, watermark 2, superb, expertized Brettl, Michel 320.-35 138,00Buy It Now
781875, 10 Kr. Dark chrome yellow, watermark 2, thin corner otherwise superb, expertized W. Engel, Michel 320.-35 100,00Buy It Now
791875, 18 Kr. Dark vermilion, watermark 2, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 60.-36 **25,00Buy It Now
801876, 5 Pf. Bluish green with plate flaw "margin line under E in penny dented", mint never hinged, superb in every respect (choice copy), R!38aII **250,00Buy It Now
811876, 10 Pf. Pale lilac rose, superb, Michel 140.-39a 50,00Buy It Now
821878, 5 Pf. Lilac and violet, 50 Pf. Dark-orange-brown, watermark 2, 3 superb items, Michel 140.-45a,b,46 50,00Buy It Now
831887, 5 Pf. Medium grey purple as additional franking on 5 Pf. Postal stationery postcard (P 30), superb postcard from "Munich" to England48 25,00Buy It Now
841890, 5 Pf. Dark opal green, watermark 3, slight corner crease otherwise superb, expertized Pfenniger and Dr. Helbig, Michel 450.-61yW 163,00Buy It Now
851900, 3 and 5 M, pale orange white paper, watermark 3, very fine MNH, Michel 120.-69/70x **50,00Buy It Now
861911, "post check paper", very fine set, Michel 90.-71-74 38,00Buy It Now
871911, 25, 50 and 80 Pf. "Luitpold", type I, rest of hinge, 3 superb items, Michel 103.-80,83,85I *38,00Buy It Now
881911, 2 M. "Luitpold", type I, normal perforation, superb, Michel 80.-87I 25,00Buy It Now
891911, 3 and 5 M "Luitpold", type I, 2 superb items, Michel 115.-88/9I 44,00Buy It Now
901911, 10 M. "Luitpold", type I, superb, Michel 85.-90I 38,00Buy It Now

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