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STAMPS (14496)

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LotPhotoBAVARIAcat. no.Price € 
1111919, "Free State", unperforated, in horizontal margin pairs, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (60.-)152-70B   **25,00Buy It Now
1121920, 3, 5 and 10 P. - 3 M. "Free State" (M. No. 152 / 3, 155-67 B), unperforated, 15 superb items, expertized Infla, Michel 315.-aus 152-167B 100,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBAVARIA OFFICIAL STAMPScat. no.Price €Buy It
1131908, 5 Pf. Dark green in the vertical gutter pair (there as usual 1 x folded), mint never hinged, as usual perforated superb, Michel 130.-D 2ZSIII **38,00Buy It Now
1141908, 20 Pf. Ultramarine in the vertical gutter pair (there as usual 1 x folded), mint never hinged, superb, Michel 130.-D 4ZSII **50,00Buy It Now
1151912, 3 Pf. Brown on dull gray brown in the mint never hinged block of six, superb, Michel (72.-)D 6 **25,00Buy It Now
1161912, 50 Pf. Dark brown red on light grey brown with variety "at bottom bar of the E is absent fourth hole", on commercial letter piece, very fine, Michel (60.-)D 11II PFII 13,00Buy It Now
1171911, "fee stamps of the bavarian state railway", 5 Pf. - 5 Mk. Watermark "cross and rings", 11 different values mint never hinged, superb **13,00Buy It Now
1181920, 20 Pf. Dark brown violet, punched "B", as usual perforated, superb, expertized Dr. Helbig and Infla, Michel 170.-Pf 19 63,00Buy It Now
1191920, 60 Pf. Dark blue green, punched "B", superb, expertized Dr. Helbig and Infla, Michel 350.-Pf 23 150,00Buy It Now
1201920, 60 Pf. Dark blue green, punched "B", very fine (small thin), expertized Dr. Helbig and Infla, Michel 350.-Pf 23 94,00Buy It Now
1211862, 3 Kr. Black, number postmark "476", very fine (thin), Michel 400.-P 1 100,00Buy It Now
1221870, 1 Kr. Black, watermark "close lozenges", small defects, very fine, expertized Brettl, Michel 1000.-P 2X 313,00Buy It Now
1231876 / 82, 5 and 10 Pf. "national coat of arms", 3 horizontal pairs, very fine / superb, Michel 145.-P 5/6,9    38,00Buy It Now
1241888, 5 Pf. Yellow gray "small perforation holes", a number of rest of hinge, superb, expertized Dr. Helbig, Michel 160.-P 11A *56,00Buy It Now
1251876-95, interesting duplicate lot, for the specialist!P   ,*63,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBAVARIA SE-TENANTScat. no.Price €Buy It
1261914, "King Ludwig III", early prints, 3 vertical se-tenants, very fine, Michel 225.-S 20-22 63,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBAVARIA COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Price €Buy It
1271889-1920, 20 various used picture postcards, mostly superb 63,00Buy It Now
128Approximate. 1896-1913, 12 used documents, partly picture postcards, almost only superb 38,00Buy It Now
1291876-1911, extensive stock lot "new currency", very fine / superb, treasure trove for the specialist! Michel more then 5300.- (in each case cheapest colour calculated! )   ,*563,00Buy It Now
1301911, "Prince regent Luitpold", clean stock lot with various good values, slightly mixed condition, inspect! Michel 3000.-  ,*363,00Buy It Now
1311914-1919, "Ludwig III", extensive lot parts of collections, with also 35 complete sets, with many special feature, treasure trove for the specialist!**,*,  188,00Buy It Now
132Old part of a collection Bavaria from 1849-1920 with some better values, mixed quality, inspect!  ,*125,00Buy It Now
1331882, 5 Pf. "industrial exhibition", unused, superbP 18S 11,00Buy It Now
1341905, 10 / 10 Pf. "numeral on lozenge", unwatermarked, stamp "LUDWIGSHAFEN", superb postcard, Michel 85.-P 70/02 44,00Buy It Now
1351914, 10 Pf. "coat of arms", question part with ornamental frame and on the back additional imprint, very fine (corner defects)P 96 63,00Buy It Now
136Private post: 1806-1906, 2 and 3 Pf. Coat of arms "Centenar celebration, Bavarian jubilee exhibition Nuremberg 1906", vacuously used, 2 cards very fine / superbPP10C9/11C6 25,00Buy It Now
137Private post: 1905, 5 Pf. Coat of arms "1881-1905 XXV-j├Ąhr. Listing of the historic Festival Meistertrunk", stamp "ROTHENBURG", superbPP 15C89 25,00Buy It Now
138Private post: 1910, 5 Pf. Coat of arms "57. General meeting the Catholics", unused, superb postcardPP 15C182 38,00Buy It Now
139Private post: 1901, "80. Birthday", embossed postcard "King building Munich", no place given, stamp "Munich B. P. ", superbPP 15D1/05 25,00Buy It Now
140Private post: 1913, 3 Pf. Luitpold "100 years celebration of the German Liberation struggles", unused, small tear otherwise superb postcardPP 22C4/02 25,00Buy It Now
141Private post: 1911-13, 4 various used superb cardsPP 27 63,00Buy It Now
142Private post: 13 almost only various postal stationery, unused and used, mostly superb conditionPP 63,00Buy It Now
143Private post: 1914, 3, 5 and 10 Pf. Coat of arms "Ludwig III. King from Bavaria", unused, 3 superb coversPU 31/2,34 63,00Buy It Now
1441912, 25 Pf. Blue "BEAC" and 5 Pf. Green, Alps chain, unused, superb, Michel 120.-SFP 1/02 50,00Buy It Now
1451912, 25 Pf. Blue "BEAC" and 5 Pf. Green, Alps chain, special cancel "Munich", card corner crease, very fine, Michel 175.-SFP 1/02 50,00Buy It Now
146Approximate. 1873-1916, lot of 48 almost only different postal stationery, used and unused, condition varies, inspect! 63,00Buy It Now
1479 various postal stationery "coat of arms", with letter-cards, postcards and one money order, unused and used, mostly superb 31,00Buy It Now
1481878-1920, 15 unused postal stationery, condition varies 13,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBERGEDORFcat. no.Price €Buy It
1491867, ┬Ż S. Black on blue in the block of four from the margin, rest of hinge, a value mint never hinged, superb1b   *, **413,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBRUNSWICK PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Price €Buy It
150"MAINZHOLZEN", blue rectangle cancel with two lines on official letter to Wolfenb├╝ttel, superb, R! 188,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBRUNSWICKcat. no.Price €Buy It
1511864, 2 Sgr. Vivid prussian-blue, choice copy letter from "Brunswick" with blue two ring cancel to Schweina, signed Kruschel625,00Buy It Now
1521852, 2 Sgr. Vivid prussian-blue with blue two ring cancel "Brunswick", superb item with enormous margins on cover to Verl, photo expertize long, Michel 1200.-488,00Buy It Now
1531852, 3 Sgr. Orange red, on all sides wide to enormous margins with blue two ring cancel "Brunswick" on cover to Soest, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Pfenniger563,00Buy It Now
1541856, ┬╝ Gr. Black on pale brown in the vertical pair and single stamp on cover with number cancel "47" from "WOLFENB├ťTTEL" to Helmstedt, decorative superb cover, R! Photo expertize long4    875,00Buy It Now
1551853, 1 Sgr. Black on chamois, watermark mouthpiece left, blue semicircle cancel, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel 100.-6aY 44,00Buy It Now
1561853, 1 Sgr. Black on chamois, watermark mouthpiece left, superb, Michel 100.-6aY 38,00Buy It Now
1571853, 2 Sgr. Black on blue with blue S.O.N. Number postmark "19" (HARZBURG), very fine (small on the back defects), expertized long7a 25,00Buy It Now
1581853, 2 Sgr. Black on blue in the horizontal pair (vertical prefolded), right stamp above touched otherwise full margins, with blue rectangle cancel with two lines "GANDERSHEIM" on part of a letter to Eschwege7a   213,00Buy It Now
1591857, 3 Sgr. Bright rose on small cover from "Brunswick" to Kippenheim, superb8b 250,00Buy It Now
1601857, 4/4 Ggr. Black on gray brown, rare blue number postmark "23" (HOHEGEISS), at the bottom minimum pre-separation cut, superb, R!9a 138,00Buy It Now

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