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25404.5.1931, "with airmail to the steamer Bremen transported", Airmail printed matter from Leipzig to the United States, superb 75,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoDO X AIRMAILcat. no.Price €Buy It
254113.11.1930, posting Friedrichshafen, via Rio to North America, with rare multiple franking 3 M. "eagle", superb cover7.b. 375,00Buy It Now
254213.11.1930, posting Friedrichshafen, via Rio to North America, with on route passing cancellation "22. IV. 31", with single franking 4 RM "Count Zeppelin", superb postcard7.b.d. 313,00Buy It Now
254313.11.1930, on route passing cancellation Friedrichshafen, on board cancellation mark 30. January 31, supplier mail Austria, via Rio to North America, superb postcard10.AU.c. 225,00Buy It Now
254430.01.1931, ship mail, via Rio to North America, franked by 1-3 M. "eagle", superb cover24.c. 238,00Buy It Now
254503.05.1931, ship mail in Vila Cisneros (Rio de Oro), via Rio to North America, franked including with 2 RM "South America flight", on the back 2 C. US franking with postmark "New York 25. September ", superb, R!29.b. 363,00Buy It Now
254617.06.1931, supplier mail Colombia over Rio to Europe with Brazilian lozenge stamp, but without board post takeover! Superb cover, RR!33.b.COL 625,00Buy It Now
254719.06.1931, Brazil, posting Victoria, black lozenge stamp, superb cover36.a.BR 150,00Buy It Now
254801.08.1931, posting Sao paulo, red lozenge stamp, superb cover44.BR 150,00Buy It Now
254919.08.1931, posting port of Spain / Trinidad, to North America, cover very fine51.TR.e. 188,00Buy It Now
255019.05.1932, posting to the return flight to Europe, board mail and special cancel, to Germany, franked by 2 x 2 RM "South America flight", right stamp slight glueing fold, superb, RR!61.a. 400,00Buy It Now
255114.11.1932, posting Zurich to the DO X mail flight to Switzerland to Altenrhein, arrival postmark "Country b. Rorschach", registered postcard, superb67.CH.a.I. 188,00Buy It Now
255217.05.1933, supplier mail Russia, without mixed franking, transported for Passau-Zurich flight planned, with violet delay stamp, only 10 documents! Superb cover, RR!69.d.RU 1.500,00Buy It Now
255307.07.1933, posting Passau to the Passau-Switzerland flight with violet delay stamp, supplier mail Russia with mixed franking, superb cover69.e.RU/DR 563,00Buy It Now
255421.10.1931, "DO X 2 UMBERTO MADDALENA", red three-line cancel on cover from "Genoa" to La Spezia, superb, RR!DO X2II 938,00Buy It Now
255506.04.1934, green stamp "Germany flight 1932" on photo postcard with 6 Pf. "Hindenburg" from Flammersfeld, superb 50,00Buy It Now
25561912, "Bork Br├╝ck" violet, "winged cover", perforated, on airletter from Bork to Br├╝ck, addressed to Coburg, 10 Pf. "Germania" with railway cancel (TPO) "BERLIN-SANGERHAUSEN", superb, Michel (2000.-)2A 850,00Buy It Now
25571912, 50 Pf. "Margaret Festival", rest of hinge, 5 superb items in different color shades4 *113,00Buy It Now
25581912, 50 Pf. Pale blue "Margaret Festival" in the mint never hinged upper left corner margin block of four with row number, a value creasely otherwise superb, Michel (520.-)4a  **188,00Buy It Now
25591912, 50 Pf. Pale blue "Margaret Festival", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 130.-4a **44,00Buy It Now
25601912, 50 Pf. Pale blue "Margaret Festival", rest of hinge, superb, Michel 70.-4a *19,00Buy It Now
25611912, 50 Pf. Ultramarine "Margaret Festival" in the upper right corner margin block of four without row number, mint never hinged, superb, R! Michel (1200.-)4b  **363,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoBALLOON FLIGHTS 1897 1916cat. no.Price €Buy It
256215.8.1898, free passage of the balloon "Europe" with captain louis Godard, ascent at the 1. Date of exhibition the II. Force and machines exhibition Munich, drop card, postal mailing Bruck-Fuerstenfeld, superb, photo expertize Sieger, M├╝ller 3 488,00Buy It Now
256323.7.1903, Aerostat "GODARD PARIS" as captive balloon to the German cities exhibition Dresden 1903, mailing from Dresden, arrival postmark from Kipsdorf, superb postcard 363,00Buy It Now
256421.5.1909, Upper Rhine association the airship aviation Strassburg, droped from balloon "count WEDEL" with Finding memo, postal mailing in Oberwaldbach / Bavaria at the 22.5.1909, with Bavarian postage stamps added to cover to pay postage due, because the Landing not in the territory of the German Reich resulted, superb postcard 938,00Buy It Now
256526.6.1909, Upper Rhine association the airship aviation Strassburg, droped from balloon "STRASSBURG" with Finding memo, postal mailing in Neulautern at the 3.9.1909, superb postcard 875,00Buy It Now
256611.8.1910, German Touring-Club abbot. Airship aviation Munich, droped from balloon "TOURING-CLUB" over Rott at the Inn, postal mailing in Griesstaett at the 11.8.1910, tax the without prepaid postage card with 10 penny in accordance with postage control cancel P. 8. (postal check Munich), superb postcard 475,00Buy It Now
256727.5.1911, Augsburg-based association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "TILLIE", postal mailing in Augsburg at the 28.5.11, superb postcard 400,00Buy It Now
256826.5.1912, royal saxon association for airship aviation Dresden, card for balloon "ELBE" prepares, however from balloon "RIESA" related balloon postcard with Finding memo and posting postmark Rathenwalde, superb postcard 475,00Buy It Now
256922.9.1912, Berlin association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "HEWALD" with Finding memo, postal mailing in Bebra at the 24.9.1912, superb postcard 363,00Buy It Now
257027.10.1912, "GORDON BENNET race", 5 Pf. Germania postal stationery postcard with red private event cancel, vacuously used, superb postcard, M├╝ller 61 100,00Buy It Now
25715.4.1914, Cologne club for airship aviation, droped from balloon "HARDEFUST", postal mailing in Cologne at the 6.4.14 to the Lieutenant Necher, the later liaison officer between Austrian and German airship troops in Fischamend, franked by 5 Pf. Germania as German Austrian union rate, superb postcard 813,00Buy It Now
257213.2.1916, Berlin association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "M├ľDEBECK", postal mailing in Oberhof at the 13.2.1916, with signatur of the at that time best known balloonist in Germany, engineer H. R. Berlin, superb postcard 875,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoPIONIERFLUGPOST 1909 1914cat. no.Price €Buy It
257328.8.1909, "international airship exhibition, Frankfurt / M. ", 5 Pf. Postal stationery postcard (officially postcard no. 1) with 5 Pf. Additional franking to Switzerland, special cancel a, superb1/02 75,00Buy It Now
257419.5.1912, "Heidelberg-Mannheim", special cancel, superb postcard9/02 50,00Buy It Now
257519.5.1912, "Heidelberg-Mannheim", special cancel, minimal spotty superb postcard9/02 38,00Buy It Now
257612.10.1912, "Frankfurt Wiesbaden" from first day, airmail postcard with 50 Pf. Donate additional imprint, superb, RR! To this day only 2 examples known with the date stamp from Frankfurt on the Germania value from first day!18/01a 350,00Buy It Now
257712.5.1913, "Prince Heinrich flight - sub rear water", celebration postcard with vignette, superb20/02 250,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoAVIATION IN THE I. WORLD WARcat. no.Price €Buy It
25781918, "airmail * 10. May 1918 * eagle yard. ", black three lines frame cancel on fieldpost letter to Xanten, very fine, RR! 400,00Buy It Now
25791918, "airmail - 1. JUN 1918 Cologne", red three lines frame cancel on fieldpost letter with letter cancel "R airplane substitute battalion Cologne" from Hanover to Berlin, very fine, R! 363,00Buy It Now
25801915, "royally. PREUSS. FLIEGERBATT. 1", blue letter cancel on fieldpost card from "D├ľBERITZ-├ťBUNGSPLSTZ" to Haseldorf, superb 25,00Buy It Now
25811917, "flyer substitute department 5", violet letter cancel on cover from "Hanover" to Haseldorf, sender adress Prince Carolath, superb 63,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoFIRST AND FIRST FIGHTcat. no.Price €Buy It
25826.4.1926, "Erford - Zurich", superb cover, RR!26.7.09 250,00Buy It Now
25831.6.1926, "Paris-Berlin", superb cover26.56.03 38,00Buy It Now
258521.3.1927, "Prague-Berlin", superb postcard27.1.11 31,00Buy It Now
258619.4.1927, "Munich Prague", superb cover27.5.04 25,00Buy It Now
258721.4.1927, "Wroclaw Brno" on LPP 104, superb27.17.02 63,00Buy It Now
258821.4.1927, "Vienna Brno", superb postcard27.17.07 31,00Buy It Now
258921.4.1927, "Vienna Brno", superb cover27.17.07 31,00Buy It Now
259122.8.1927, "Constance Vienna", superb postcard27.45.03 50,00Buy It Now
259222.5.1928, "Constance Vienna", superb cover28.32.08 25,00Buy It Now
259322.5.1928, "Constance Vienna", superb postcard28.32.08 25,00Buy It Now
25941.6.1928, "Berlin-Venice", superb cover28.35.01 31,00Buy It Now
25951.6.1928, "Venice Berlin", superb cover28.35.04 38,00Buy It Now
25961.5.1929, "Hamburg-Antwerpen", superb cover29.5.02 31,00Buy It Now
25971.5.1929, "Hamburg-Antwerpen", cover very fine29.5.02 13,00Buy It Now
25983.6.1929, "Munich Klagenfurth", superb cover29.18.02 38,00Buy It Now
25993.6.1929, "Klagenfurt Munich", superb cover29.18.03 25,00Buy It Now
260016.5.1930, "Hanover Copenhagen", superb cover30.23.07 31,00Buy It Now
26011.6.1931, "Munich-Venice", superb cover31.26.01 13,00Buy It Now
26021.5.1937, "Munich-St. Gall", without arrival postmark, superb cover37.7.02 50,00Buy It Now
26034.10.1937, "Brussels-Munich", superb postcard37.8.06 50,00Buy It Now
LotPhotoLATER FLIGHTS (SPF)cat. no.Price €Buy It
26043.7.1919, "Weimar-Leipzig" with Air postmark "WEIMAR nation. Verse. B" on small special delivery cover, superb19.2.03 63,00Buy It Now
26053.7.1919, "Weimar-Leipzig", small special delivery cover, superb19.2.03 31,00Buy It Now
26064.9.1922, "Augsburg Munich", PP 50 with additional franking (Michel no. 213 / 4), superb postcard21.4.11 38,00Buy It Now
260720.8.1922, "Munich Leipzig" with confirmation stamp "LEIPZIG AUSSTELLUNSPLATZ", registered postcard, superb21.4.16 25,00Buy It Now
26082.9.1922, "Munich Constance", superb postcard21.7.01 25,00Buy It Now
260930.6.1923, "Berlin-Munich", special delivery letter, very fine23.9.03 13,00Buy It Now
261023.8.1923, "Munich Berlin", franked by no. 267, superb cover23.9.09 25,00Buy It Now

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